February 16, 2020

Healing Encounter

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

A Time of Worship, Testimony & Healing

Over the past 3 years of holding Healing Encounters, hundreds of people have been healed. If you are in need of healing or know someone who is, please join us for this night of worship, testimony and healing. Our Ministry Team will be sharing Words of Knowledge for physical healing, praying for physical healing, emotional healing and there will also be prophetic ministry available. It’s our desire that everyone who comes will leave feeling loved and encouraged.

Ministry Team


Grace Church

Grace Church Ministry Team

The Grace Church Ministry Team is made up of individuals who are experienced in allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through them to meet the needs of others.

Our prophetic team members have received training through seasoned prophetic leaders. They have honed their skills through continued use of their gifts at meetings, conferences, and in individual settings. They have been effectually ministering in the prophetic for several years.

Our healing team members have received training through Randy Clark’s Healing Ministry. Most of the team members have traveled with Randy Clark to Brazil and watched Jesus touch and heal. They have also been privileged to see Jesus heal through them while ministering here at Healing Meetings at Grace Church and other locations in the area.


Send us Your Testimonies

Many people have been healed at our past Healing Encounter meetings.  If you’ve not yet shared your testimony with us, please let us know what God did for you.  Send your testimony to barbara@gracehp.org

Location: Grace Church Auditorium
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