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We have found that when Jesus heals an individual, giving testimony of their healing is very important. It is not only important that the individual thanks Jesus for what he/she has received (I Thess. 5:18), but telling others about what Jesus has done for them creates an atmosphere of faith. One person’s testimony increases the faith of those who hear it to believe for their own healing.

If you have attended one of our Healing Encounter Meetings or received prayer for healing at Grace Church, and have received a healing, would you please let us know about it? We will not publish any testimony on our web site without your permission. You can email your testimony to We’re thankful for what Jesus has done in your life and thank you for helping others believe for their healing!

Please read and celebrate with us what God has done.

Neck & TMJ

I want to give a praise report in regard to a healing that happened last night at the healing service (Sept.20)! On 8/29/15 I had an injury happen to my neck. At first I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move my neck. I decided not to go to the Chiropractor and to read on

Rash Better

On a Sunday morning, a young boy had a word of knowledge for physical healing for a rash. I had a very bad rash on both forearms. He prayed for me and the next week, the rash improved a little each day. It is now 2 weeks later and the rash is about 80% better. read on

Pain Left

On a Sunday morning, Pastor Rodney had a word of knowledge that Jesus was healing a left hip and left leg. That was for me. I received prayer and the pain left and hasn’t returned (this is a week later). RB read on

No More Amblyopia

A few months ago, my wife and I prayed for a girl named Kylie on a Sunday morning. I had received a word of knowledge about her eyes and saw myself putting my thumbs on her eye lids. We just received a note from her parents: Thank you for praying for our daughter Kylie’s eyes. read on

Facial Spasms Healed

I had been having facial spasms for several months, so one Sunday after service, I decided to go up for prayer. David directed me to two gentlemen (one always wears a hat). I told them that I was scheduled for an MRI the next day. Not only did they pray for the spasms to be read on

Healing Encounter Testimonies

I received a word of knowledge that Jesus would heal the right lower leg. I prayed for six different people who all said that their pain left after prayer! A.D. I received a word of knowledge, “clouded vision.” A young man came up and I prayed for him. He said his vision became normal. R.B. read on

Shoulder Healed

(At the June Sunday Night Healing Service) I went up for physical healing prayer. God identified the team for me to go to. Two women and a guy. As I stood in line I could feel the anointing and was anticipating something good. I walked up to the team and had some trouble speaking and read on

Back Healed

At a healing meeting at Grace Church, I received prayer and was healed from a slipped disk in my back from when I fell out of a tree in Myrtle Beach while I was doing tree work. N.D.F. read on

Knee Pain Healed

I was suffering from some knee pain that I had noticed over the past few months. The pain wasn’t too overwhelming, but it was particularly noticeable during times of worship. During a healing meeting at Grace Church on August 18th, I decided that having this discomfort was no longer going to take away from or read on

Knee Pain Gone

I’ve suffered from knee pain for the last 14 years. The cartilage in my knees had pretty much deteriorated by the time I was 19 years old and I’ve been dealing with the pain ever since. On Sunday, August 18th (at a Healing Meeting), I asked for the Healing power of God to come and read on

Eyesight Healed

For over 57 years, I have had to wear glasses as I was extremely nearsighted. I have received prayer for my eyes over a period of time for an eye condition not related to sight, and my sight has been healed! I no longer need to wear glasses for distance!! This has been confirmed by read on

Stomach Pain Gone

Ann and I were in a local department store in the mall on the tax-free weekend the first weekend in August. I was looking to purchase some pants. A lady salesclerk approached us and I told her what I was looking for and she helped me locate what I wanted. I heard the Lord say read on

Leg Grew Out

Both femur bones were broken when I was 10 years old and when they healed, one leg was shorter than the other.  I was having back pain, and I received prayer at a conference I was attending in May.  During prayer, I felt a soothing massage sensation on my left leg from the Holy Spirit. read on

Shoulder Healed

At a conference at Grace Church in May, there was a word of knowledge given about shoulders being healed.  I had a lot of pain in my shoulder due to a rotator cuff problem.  I stood, and began to move my shoulder.  All the pain left and I was able to move it freely!!   read on

Migraine Healed

I was having a migraine and on the verge of going to the hospital it was so bad.  Four of the guys (House of Prayer) prayed for me and it was lifted immediately!  I went from really, really bad pain to pure joy within a matter of minutes.  H. read on

Broken Foot

I met David at Lakeside Estates Condominiums, and he prayed for my broken foot; it was healed!  For one month, I have had no pain!   T.Pitt read on

Shoulder Healed

At the last Healing Meeting, I had my shoulder healed!  I had injured it last summer on a carpentry job under a house.  I don’t know exactly what I did to the shoulder, but had pain every time I lifted my left arm.  This made my work difficult. During the Healing Meeting, Susan Starr asked read on

Bee Sting

After Church, my husband and I prayed for Keith.  He had a bee sting.  His whole hand was swollen and he was in pain.  Some of the swelling left and some of the pain.  He texted me on Monday and all the swelling and all the pain were gone!!   D.Roy read on

Knees Healed

April 4, 2013 I went to a customer’s house (David Zaritzky) to repair some plumbing problems.  Once I completed the work and was leaving, David asked me if my knees were bothering me and I told him that I had been through knee surgery and needed a knee replacement, but was putting it off.  He read on

Back Pain From Accident

I was in a car accident in 1998 and broke my back and suffered a herniated disk.  In 2000, I had surgery and had steel plates and rods put in my back.  In 2001 I was in so much pain the doctors decided to do another surgery.  They discovered that my back had never healed; read on

Tooth Pain Gone

At the Randy Clark Healing School in April, 2010, Randy gave a word of knowledge regarding a tooth.  I claimed that and stood up.  I worked my jaw and bit down and the tooth pain I had been experiencing was gone!  I have not had any more pain in that tooth since then (month later). read on

Finger Numbness Gone

I have been shooting meth for years in the veins of my elbow to upper arm in both arms.  That has caused numbness in my fingers for the past 3 months.  Also, I have arthritic pain in my left elbow.  After receiving prayer at the Healing Meeting on Feb. 10th, there is no numbness in read on

Parkinsons Tremors

For 3 years, I have had Parkinsons disease with almost constant tremors of my left hand.  A few times in the past, the tremors have lessened.  During the Healing Meeting last night, my hand was shaking as hard as I have ever experienced.  After the group of 3 of us prayed for each other, my read on

Several Awesome Healings!

From our October 2012 Healing Encounter Meeting: * A man who had been shot in the knee came for prayer.  After receiving prayer, he was encouraged to move  in ways he couldn’t before.  His movement was some better, but not complete.  After more prayer, he was able to move his knee completely, like before being read on

Groin Muscle Pull

A week before the healing meeting, a soccer player had severely pulled his groin muscle; he didn’t want to tell the coaches and was trying to work through it.  It was getting progressively worse to the point that he couldn’t even pass with his left leg.  In the healing meeting, there was a word of read on

Back Spasms Healed

I have a titanium plate on C-6 of my spine.  I have had constant low-level pain most of the time (20 years) and after physical exertion, I would experience horrible spasms lasting from 5 to 15 minutes.  Afterward, I would be physically drained.  I received prayer in April of 2010 at a healing meeting and read on

Sinus Infections

Feb 18th 2009:  After the service on Sunday, I received healing for a sinus infection that I had been battling for several days.  A woman had given a word of knowledge for healing for burning in the left ear. I didn’t come forward even through I had burning in my left ear and my sinuses were raging. .The read on

Foot Healed

March 2011: At the last leadership meeting I heard the Lord say,  “Now is the time to step up and receive impartation for seeing into those whose hearts are in need.” During the Sunday evening healing meeting, I was following Susan Starr and Page Weethee and watching as they prayed for people. There was a man read on

Trigger Finger Healed

Spring 2010: At Randy Clarks healing school, Rodney Hogue layed hands on me and commanded any spirit of infirmity to be cast out.  I had trigger finger in both hands with swelling, clicking, and locking of joints.  I felt heat. My husband beside me felt a “brush” of something and felt wind go by and he looked read on

Pain Healed

Spring 2010: At Randy Clarks healing school, he asked anyone with metal in their body to stand up and he prayed for us. I did not think much about it till a lady beside me said when you have 80% improvement raise your hands. I did raise my hands and then I went up front read on

Healing at the Bus Stop

Today I was driving out of a parking lot and saw a guy and two women walking along. The guy was slightly limping and caring one of those adjustable aluminum canes. As I was driving out of the parking lot and down the street, I thought I should pray for the guy but it was read on

Migraine Healed

Praise God Michael. Yeah God! A church friend called me today to say he had a bad sinus headache that had turned into a migraine and that he could not lead worship at my small group. I asked if I could pray for him over the phone and he said, “I wish you would.” I read on