What is a Treasure Hunt? It’s a an exciting way to put our faith into action, while reaching out to people we do not know without the intimidation we might feel with witnessing. Here’s how it works. We gather about an hour before going out on our Treasure Hunt, to seek the Lord and listen for clues from Him about people and locations He wants to send us to. As we are waiting, we have pencil and paper ready and different ones receive clues, such as, “ A lady with long, brown hair and a red blouse,” and a specific location clue, such as the name of a park or a restaurant, etc. We go in teams to the places directed and look for our “treasure,” that is, the person God wants us to reach out to.

On several Treasure Hunts and have experienced divine appointments that God has set up for us to give people words of encouragement, pray for them, witness God healing them and come back with incredible testimonies that charge our faith. It’s fun and easy. We just step out courageously, in love and are obedient to do as He asks. When we approach people is such a loving manner, they do not feel threatened and are so open to receive.

For more information, read Kevin Dedmon’s book, The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, published by Destiny Image, 2007.