Infants-1st Grade

Libby Nixon, Grace Kids Coordinator                           336-889-2177 (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) 

Children are our heritage from the Lord. We believe God has promises for each child and want them to know these truths from an early age:

            God, my heavenly Father, made me

            Jesus, God’s Son, loves me

            Holy Spirit helps me grow to be like Jesus

Using monthly themes, simple Bible lessons, Bible verses and activities, we teach Grace Kids foundational truths for living an abundant life in God’s Kingdom. We want children to know God’s love for them, hear His voice, know the truth and walk with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all the days of their lives. 

Location: Grace Kids Wing is located off the Lobby, on the left side as you come in the front doors. 

Grace Kids Classes are Available as follows:

  • Nursery, Room 1, ages 6 months-2 years, is available the whole service, as needed.
  • Room 1 teachers wait near the sanctuary door nearest to the Grace Kids wing, in case a parent needs to bring a child to the nursery.
  • Children 3 years -1st grade are dismissed after worship.

Grace Kids Team: Rooms 1, 2 and 3:

  • Each classroom is required to have an approved adult and a helper, who are mature, trustworthy and approved by leadership.
  • Teenage helpers must be at least 14 years old and on our approved list.
  • Parents who regularly attend Grace Church are asked to volunteer in children’s ministry on a once-a-month basis.
  • Grace Soundcloud: Most Sunday morning messages are available online later on the Grace SoundCloud. 

Security Tags are given to parents/grandparents when the child is dropped off at the classroom. The security tag must be presented to pick up your child. Persons approved by the parents may be added to the back of the card so we know we have permission to release your child to them.

Information Cards Grace Church parents and visitors are asked to fill in the front and back of the card, so we have contact information, as well as to let us know if your child has allergies or other special needs. 

Classes: We may adjust ages according to numbers of children in a room and readiness 

  Infant Room: Newborn–6 months+, first room on right side of hallway This quiet room is designated for            parents to use during the service to feed or change their infant.

Rooms on the left side of the hallway:

  Room 1:  6 months-2 years     Please label bottles, cups, diaper bags

  Room 2:  3 years – 4 years     Child should be potty trained or in last stages of using pull-ups

  Room 3: Eagles Class, Kindergarten-1st grade

Sherri Eyler, Lead Teacher for our Eagles Class shares her heart…

“From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise.” Psalm 8:2

Our Eagles class is for children between preschool and early elementary school. Our class is for 5 years old –1st grade. The children at this age are becoming more independent, and at the same time, they are becoming more aware of the needs of others. Their world is expanding. Some of them are going to school outside the home for the first time; even home life is changing as they are gaining new responsibilities in the family. They are beginning to soar to new heights, so we call our class Eagles.

My goal as lead teacher is to sow seeds of God’s Word in the hearts of the children and enable them to experience God and give expression to their worship. Our whole life is to be as worship to God.

“Jesus tells us that Scripture is to train us to anticipate and recognize Him when He reveals Himself through His divine acts.” (Bill Johnson, Release the Power of Jesus). We use our time putting God’s word in our hearts through varied activities. We have independent centers, so the children can choose their own activity area. They have opportunities to share with our class and others, and take turns serving as a classroom junior assistant.

I began teaching Sunday school 30 years ago in a preschool class and I haven’t outgrown it yet. It’s still exciting to see the spark of revelation in the eyes of a young child. Together we can discover more about God and know Him more as we grow in His love.