Healing Encounter Testimonies

I received a word of knowledge that Jesus would heal the right lower leg. I prayed for six different people who all said that their pain left after prayer! A.D.

I received a word of knowledge, “clouded vision.” A young man came up and I prayed for him. He said his vision became normal. R.B.

This was my first word of knowledge. I saw a vision of a bare right foot. I prayed for 2 people and their pain in the right foot left! D.L.

We both received a similar word of knowledge when were standing in the front of all the people. Steve had the impression “lungs.” Penny felt a pain in the left lower lung area. A man with lung cancer felt heat and peace in the lung and we believe Jesus was healing him. A woman had breathing problems and improved, but not 100%.

I received a word of knowledge, “swollen lymph nodes under right arm.” The first woman who came up had noticed a change in her lymph nodes as soon as the word of knowledge was given. The pain and swelling improved more as I prayed for her. A second woman with swollen lymph nodes noticed the swelling go down as she received prayer. B.H.

I had a word of knowledge about a person who had hearing loss from an accident. A man came up who said he had lost most hearing in one ear from unprotected shooting. After 3 times of simple prayer, we tested and he said there was improvement. P.J.

I received a word of knowledge of the knuckle of the right index finger. A woman stood up after I shared and she was healed of pain when she stood up. C.

I received a word of knowledge, “you have had a recent emotional upheaval.” Several people came up and received emotional healing. I prayed for a woman with left hip pain who was healed. H.K.

I had a vision of an “old-time” hearing aid that looked like a trumpet. I heard hearing problems. A woman came up and my husband and I prayed for her. She took her hearing aids out. Her hearing was almost completely healed. Her husband came up and said something was happening…his ears started “popping” and got warm. The woman’s ears got warm and turned red. D.B.

One team member got an impression of a shoulder being healed. A woman was healed of impingement syndrome of her left shoulder.

Susan saw a glow over a group of 4 people. Each one felt heat in the area of their problem when they came up for prayer. Susan believes that Jesus healed them (one was cancer).