Over the centuries, the Christian Church has always played a part in bringing healing to lives.  While we fully appreciate and support the great work of those in the medical profession, we also believe that healing comes through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, who is still healing today.

We believe that Jesus sometimes heals instantly (Luke 8:43-48) and sometimes over a period of time (Luke 17:14-15). Sometimes healing is withheld. Many of those serving on our Prayer Teams have seen Jesus heal people.  They are not the healers, but know the Healer, Jesus Christ, and through prayer, believe the love and power of God can be shared with those coming to receive prayer in their sickness and need.

Healing Prayer is offered three ways: an individual setting (requires an appointment), at the end of our Sunday morning service and in 2015, bimonthly on a Sunday evening.

Individual appointments take place in the Grace Church sanctuary.  Each prayer session is up to two hours long. Our desire is to serve each person with prayer for physical healing in a relaxed, personal and confidential setting. To make an appointment to receive prayer for physical healing, please call the Grace Church office on Mondays or Thursdays and ask for Barbara, (336) 889-2177, ext. 27, or email your request to Barbara at barbara@gracehp.org.

Most weeks at the end of our Sunday morning service, we invite people to come forward to receive prayer for healing.

For the last two years we have quarterly offered a Sunday evening Healing Encounter Meeting where the entire focus of the evening is healing and we pray for everyone who desires to receive prayer.  

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