There are many valid forms and styles of prayer. Some groups pray for a lot of different things while some groups pray for one specific thing. Some groups prepare lists of things they want to cover and they don’t leave until everything is covered, while others wait on specific direction from God. Some groups stay the same year after year while others constantly change.

We believe Jesus loves prayer, and He is more interested in us “doing it” than making sure we all “do it” the same way. We believe He also knows who we are, and He is not looking for perfection. Every group has its good nights and its “not so good” nights and this is ok. All we want is to fill those bowls with effective and fervent prayer.

On Monday Nights, we typically move in accordance with the following values:

  1. We pray specifically for Grace Church.
  2. We value the Word of God.
  3. We believe in teamwork.
  4. We want to be led by the Spirit.
  5. This is not about us.

Recently, we have been praying along with the season of prayer and fasting. God has met us in each meeting as we have followed Rodney’s weekly focus. Even when we have not purposed to go that way, God has moved us that way. One thing we have observed as we’ve prayed is God’s heart that we would all move together. In other words, this season is not a time for a select few that will go on with God’s purposes. His desire is that we would all move together, encouraging each other along the way.