Migraine Healed

Praise God Michael. Yeah God!

A church friend called me today to say he had a bad sinus headache that had turned into a migraine and that he could not lead worship at my small group. I asked if I could pray for him over the phone and he said, “I wish you would.” I prayed and took authority and rebuked the pain and any work of the enemy. He felt 50% better. Then I prayed that God would manifest His presence and power. He felt a warmth and felt about 70% better. Then I took authority over any sinus infection and said, “be healed in Jesus name.” Immediately he felt something pop in his sinuses and was healed. Glory be to God.

My friend Galina wanted to come to the Friday night meeting but was feeling run down with an illness. I prayed for strength and healing and for the presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s angels to come and minister to her. She felt better and was able to come Friday night.