Several Awesome Healings!

From our October 2012 Healing Encounter Meeting:

* A man who had been shot in the knee came for prayer.  After receiving prayer, he was encouraged to move  in ways he couldn’t before.  His movement was some better, but not complete.  After more prayer, he was able to move his knee completely, like before being shot.

* A man with 8 years of chronic eye pain asked for prayer.  The doctor had told him the only way to fix the problem was through surgery.  He received prayer, and on the spot, Jesus took the pain away completely!

* My daughter was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain on Sunday at a lacrosse tournament.  It caused a lot of fear as she had broken her other ankle a year ago.  She received healing prayer and the love of Jesus.  It was hard to check for manifestation of healing as she was in a splint.  She saw an orthopedic Dr. on Thursday and he gave her clearance to bear weight; the original prognosis was that she would not be able to bear weight for 6 to 8 weeks!         When my daughter received prayer, a lot of faith was stirred up for me that night as well.  I had opportunity to pray for clients that week and saw a client”s knees healed that Monday!

* A woman came for prayer with pneumonia, a rattle in her chest and constant coughing.  As she received prayer, God gave her the ability to take deeper breaths.  With more prayer, the rattle stopped (she cried) and she was congestion free!  Her skin color changed from pasty white to a healthy pink!

* A woman came up to receive prayer for a mass on her side.  As she received prayer that all of her cells must line up with the Word of God, the mass just disappeared!!  Many happy tears!