Shoulder Healed

(At the June Sunday Night Healing Service) I went up for physical healing prayer. God identified the team for me to go to. Two women and a guy. As I stood in line I could feel the anointing and was anticipating something good. I walked up to the team and had some trouble speaking and standing (but then, my body is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, so that’s not uncommon for me). I told them I wanted prayer for my right shoulder which had “gone out” and been really hurting at the gym. I was having to drop my weights in half and then could only do shoulder presses with very sharp pain. I also wanted my deviated septum healed. A kid threw a metal cap gun at me when I was about 9 and apparently broke my nose. My right hand nasal passage has been 98% closed since (the internal opening was pretty much the thickness of a sheet of paper). I have had to use breathing strips every night to be able to sleep through the night.

With lots of power and glory, the team prayed. I was a difficult case since my shoulder didn’t hurt outside the gym and we really couldn’t access my nose there. But they prayed in faith and I felt like I was getting electrocuted and set on fire at the same time. I eventually had to sit down before I fell down.

I try to workout with weights 3 times a week and have had NO shoulder pain since that night! Absolutely none. I’m lifting what I consider a “normal” amount again. I also checked my nose, and while not fully healed, the opening did increase some! That’s the first movement in it since I was 9. I think the opening is now between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch, a huge difference for me.

I intend to get more prayer on my nose and hope to see free breathing in the future! M.W.