Stomach Pain Gone

Ann and I were in a local department store in the mall on the tax-free weekend the first weekend in August. I was looking to purchase some pants. A lady salesclerk approached us and I told her what I was looking for and she helped me locate what I wanted. I heard the Lord say in my spirit that she was sick. I asked her if she was feeling well, and she said she had stomach pain. My wife Ann told her that it to be appeared to be her appendix. While we were at the cash register, her boss came up and she told him that she needed to leave soon because she wasn’t feeling well; he responded and then left. We made the purchase and I asked her if she wanted to be relieved of the pain, and be healed and she said “yes”. So right there we prayed for her. She did not feel anything at that time and still had the pain when we left.

About 4 weeks have elapsed since we had been there and yesterday, Saturday, August 24, we went back to the same store to make another purchase. We were also hoping the same salesclerk would be there so that we might see she how she was feeling. She was there, and she was very glad to see us. She told us that the pain left within the hour after we prayed for her, and has not returned! Then we all gave God the glory right by the cash register! Before we left we prayed for her arthritis. John T.